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Welcome to The Back Pain Relief Center

We are pleased to welcome you to our Everett Chiropractic Office!

Finding a chiropractor in Everett, WA who understands the most current chiropractic techniques and approaches to addressing health concerns can be difficult. We want all our patients to fully understand their current health issues and know the best options to meet their health care goals.  

It is possible to be pain-free and The Back Pain Relief Center can help!

At the Back Pain Relief & Wellness Center we understand that although our patients may be diagnosed with the same condition, they can respond very differently to treatments. For this reason, we tailor a specific plan of action to meet YOUR needs, goals, and unique medical and physical condition.

We use a variety of different techniques and tools to get the results YOU want as fast as possible. We offer two  Full Spine Decompression  tables,  Massage Therapy ,  Laser TherapyOrthotics , and MANUAL & INSTRUMENT SPINAL and EXTREMITY CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS.  We also provide a dedicated rehabilitation area using WHOLE BODY VIBRATION and for one on one EXERCISE and PHYSICAL THERAPY. 

Our website provides you with background about  Dr. Keezer Our Staff office hours , insurance policies, maps, directions to our office(s) and other useful information about our Everett, WA Chiropractic office. We know how hectic life can be and are committed to making our chiropractic practice convenient and accessible. We know you will feel confident when you choose The Back Pain Relief Center, that you're working with chiropractors and other professionals who are qualified, experienced and are concerned about your personal health concerns.

We hope that you will find our site helpful in learning more about our gentle treatment options as well as the ways that we can use chiropractic to improve your health and the quality of your life. Please take a few moments to look around to get a better feel for The Back Pain Relief Center in Everett, WA.

Then call  425-259-3700   to  request an appointment or ask any questions. 
Thank you! We look forward to introducing you to a pain-free quality of life through advanced modern chiropractic care.

Not sure if chiropractic care can help you? 
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  • Dr.
    Christopher Keezer
    BS, DC

    Dr. Keezer is the clinical director of the Back Pain Relief Center in Everett, WA.  He has extensive experience in caring for spinal related issues.  These range from trauma related cases as a result of accidents and sports injuries to scoliosis. This accompanied with his comprehensive post-doctoral education allows Dr. Keezer to treat both the simple and complicated cases. Dr. Keezer is certified by the New York State Department of Education, Board for Chiropractic, by having attained postdoctoral education in MRI spine interpretation, electrodiagnostic interpretation, triaging the injured, caring for the trauma patient, head trauma and brain injury, impairment rating, and accident reconstruction.

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  • Mary Lund

    Mary has been a therapeutic relaxation and treatment massage professional for over 16 years. She has post-graduate training in medical rehabilitation techniques, far and above most massage therapists, enabling her to work on a wide variety of clients from babies/children, Alzheimer patients, to top athletes - and you!

    Because many people are concerned about the depth of the work — either too deep or not deep enough — Mary knows that deeper isn’t always better. She adjusts her pressure to suit your needs and comfort level, so you feel worked on.... not worked over.

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    "I have suffered from a pinched sciatic nerve and arthritis pain for years. Dr. Keezer helped me get back to normal."

    - Wally L.