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Auto Accident Specialist

Chiropractor in Everett, WA

At your Everett Chiropractic office, The Back Pain Relief Center, we offer a complete one-stop resource to relieve you of complications and headaches that come with the aftermath of an auto accident. Freeing you to receive the chiropractic and rehabilitation you need by working with your insurance company, and assisting in finding an attorney to help quickly resolve financial issues. Our network of attorneys are professional, caring and an extremely high success rate of securing settlements that compensate for all your loses. 

If you have recently been involved in an accident, you have countless issues to worry about. You may need medical care. You may need a rental car. You may need household assistance. You're going to need expert legal advice to get all the money you deserve.

We take the worries and pressures off you.

Giving you the medical attention you need so you can return to happy and normal life.

Timing is crucial. The more time that goes by without prompt professional medical care or an attorney on your case, the greater the chance evidence will be lost forever, and injuries will worsen. Witnesses' memories fade with time. It's important that you preserve all the facts relevant to winning your case.

Insurance companies may try to deny that it's their client's fault, delay payment of bills, and defend against you getting just compensation.

We also accept Personal Injury Protect (PIP) for auto injuries. As well as Labor & Industries (State & Self Insured). We also take 3rd party billing on a case by case basis with an attorney for motor vehicle accidents and work injuries. Please call our office for more information.

Call The Back Pain Relief & Wellness Center Today 425-259-3700 and schedule your evaluation and follow-up treatment plan.

We will refer you to one of our Partner Law firms who will resolve your case quickly and professionally while we care and attend to your medical needs.