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Full Spine Decompression

The Aging Spine

Aging can cause the spine to lose height, become pathological, compress the spinal nerves and put tension on the spinal cord.

A review of the published literature indicates that the upright adult spine loses up to 20mm (3/4 inch) of vertical height each day due to fluid loss from the discs. The sleep cycle allows the unloaded discs to regain most, but not all, of its fluid and height by the re-absorption of fluid surrounding the discs. Since all of the lost fluid and disc height is not regained, starting at about age 30, the spine becomes shorter. It is common to gradually lose up to 2 inches of stature by age 60 due to lost disc fluid. In addition, loss of disc fluid and height compromises spinal form and function, with lateral and rotator posture deviations of the hips and shoulders. Loss of disc height transfers weight normally supported by the disc to the joints, compressing them causing osteoarthritis spurring of joint surfaces, as well as, spurring into the IVF (opening where the spinal nerves exit) and the spinal canal. Neural encroachments, pain, and dysfunction are produced as a result of these pathologies.

In the past, it was assumed and taught that it was not possible to re-hydrate and restore spinal disc height. Further, it was assumed and taught that spinal disc height loss could not be prevented.These assumptions are no longer true.

The good news is disc degeneration, joint pathologies and nerve root compression pathologies can bearrested, reversed and prevented.

Everyone is getting older, but getting older is not a disease. Many doctors use age as an alibi for their lack of knowledge or skill. They tell their patients “you are just getting older, you know and there is nothing that can be done about that”. The “you are just getting older” diagnosis is a catch-all for common musculoskeletal complaints of neck, arm, shoulder, back and leg pain. It is a feeble explanation, especially when the pain can be eliminated and the cause of dis-function can be arrested, reversed and prevented.


The Pettibon Rehab Spinal System Decompression Table now allows traction to be applied to the neck, lower back, and the entire spine at the same time! By tractioning the spinal joints fluid is re-absorbed into the cartilage allowing nourishment and re-hydration to occur. While tractioning the spine, whole body vibration is used to accelerate relaxation of the muscles. As the back muscles relax, more tractioncan be applied to the spinal joints.

Re-hydrating and nourishing the spinal discs can slow and even reverse the aging process.

You have options! Spinal degeneration does not have to control your life!

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