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How to Treat Whiplash

How to Treat Whiplash

Whiplash is a neck injury that occurs when there is a quick, forceful jerking of the neck. While most of the time it is associated with an auto whiplashaccident, it can be caused by a sports injury or trauma in general. Whiplash can be successfully treated by Dr. Christopher Keezer in Everett, WA. At a thorough examination, Dr. Keezer can determine the proper course of action for lessening inflammation and/or pain for his patients.

More About Whiplash

Whiplash patients typically feel stiffness and pain in the neck. They also may have a lingering headache. They may notice that they cannot move their neck as far as they used to before the accident or injury. Moving the neck at all can lead to more pain. Numbness or tingling in the arm and pain and tenderness in the shoulders or arms may also occur. If you’re experiencing any or all of these things, it’s time to seek chiropractic care from Dr. Keezer for your whiplash in Everett ASAP.

Typically, whiplash can go away on its own after a few months, chiropractic treatment, however, can help promote faster healing and recovery. The goal is to manage the pain and stiffness and to improve mobility. Common techniques used by Dr. Keezer include muscle relaxation, physical therapy, spinal manipulation and lifestyle changes. With spinal manipulation, pressure and force are applied to parts of the spine to reduce dysfunction and to improve blood flow. Muscle relaxation involves stretching exercises that help reduce tension.

Dr. Keezer prides himself on treating each patient's pain with an individual treatment plan. Each patient's medical history and existing structure will determine the proper course of action for their injury. In order to learn more about treating your whiplash in Everett, WA, contact Dr. Keezer’s chiropractic office today by calling 425-259-3700.