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We don't say "We're the Best" our Patients do!

"I am Jack, 75 and am currently a patient of Dr. Kezer. I began seeing him July 10, 2013 and continuing to receive chiropractic care from him to this date.

This was my first time receiving treatment from a chiropractor. I came to him with pain in my neck and lower back. In discussing the results of the x-rays of my spine, Dr. Keezer said I should have seen him twenty years ago. The x-rays showed my spine was so compressed and crooked that no water could get between the segments of my spinal column. I think Dr. Keezer may have wondered if he could help me very much. However, he was willing to do what he could to help me get relief from pain and give me more flexibility. So we agreed on a plan and began treatment of spinal decompression.

My treatment plan consisted of three distinct parts: 1) treatment at the office twice (but now once) a week. A major part of the office visit was the Decompression Table which helped get my spine into alignment. 2) Home exercises done three times a day and the neck exercises four times a day. It was crucial to do these exercises between office visits. 3) Taking the supplement recommended by Dr. Keezer and drinking about one gallon of pH water per day. The pH water kept me far better hydrated then regular tap water or soda.

Today, I am not completely healed but I am pain-free in my neck and lower back. Because so many of my muscles are being exercised for the first time in a long time they are complaining about stretching that is happening to them. Unfortunately, one effect is trying to get comfortable sleep. Even that however, is getting better.

My thanks go to Dr. Keezer and his staff who have helped me to become pain-free in my neck and lower back."

Jack F. - 9/9/2013

"Two years after shoulder surgery, a year and a half of Physical Therapy and many chiropractic adjustments I was still in pain and had limited mobility in my left shoulder. I had trouble dressing myself washing my hair, opening doors, sleeping and cleaning my house. The worst part was that it was painful to give my first-grade students hugs when they came in the door every morning. I was frustrated and felt that I was going to have to live my life in pain.

Finally, someone suggested I try laser therapy. She had had success using this therapy while living in California. I looked it up online and found Dr. Keezer’s name. I was a bit skeptical but respected the person who suggested I try it and I was at the end of my rope. I called the office and talked to Brittni, who was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She talked me through the procedures, options, insurance and made me feel welcomed and comfortable.

When I arrived at the office Brittni walked me through all the pieces [of paperwork], started me on warm up exercises and introduced me to Dr. Keezer. Dr. Keezer took a great deal of time with me. He listened, asked questions, examined me and provided treatment. .I never felt hurried and felt he heard my concerns. Dr. Keezer explained everything he was doing and why. By my next appointment, I was already feeling relief from my symptoms.

I have continued to work with Dr. Keezer. I have made remarkable progress. I still have a bit to go, but my quality of life has greatly improved. I can dress, clean, open doors, sleep... and best of all, hug my first-grade children when they arrive at school in the morning.

Thank you, Brittni and Dr. Keezer!"

Debra D. - 8/1/2013

"I had very bad back pain for two weeks. Nothing seemed to help. Even simply walking or sitting would make the pain worse. I was skeptical that anything could help me. After reading some testimonials online I decided to opt for chiropractic care. I found Dr. Keezer’s name in the yellow pages and made an appointment that week. I received adjustments including spinal molding and two massages. After just 1 treatment I noticed an immediate improvement in the level of pain I was experiencing. After 3 treatments, I had no more pain! Also, I order orth otics and I can’t wait to try them out in 2 weeks. Dr. Keezer’s staff was wonderful and I would highly recommend treatments to my friends and family."

Ben C. - 11/12/2013

"I was dealing with some pretty severe vertigo off and on for about 6 months. I had been to 3 different doctors and no one could really tell me what was wrong or do anything to make it better. One night I was trying to get comfortable to sleep and not be dizzy when I turned my head and my neck cracked; a wave of dizziness went thru my head. The next morning, I called Dr. Keezer's office and they got me in that day. Since that first visit, I continued to get better and now the dizziness is 95% gone. Also, the tightness in my shoulders and neck that I’ve had for a long time is loosening up. I also appreciate Dr. Keezer giving me exercises to do at home that I can continue for a lifetime to keep my spine in better condition."

Judy E. - 9/17/2013

"My problems were not simply relieved but corrected for the long run. Dr. Keezer and I worked as a team to solve my problems."

Fran H.

"When I first came to Dr. Keezer, my neck was so bad I could not turn it, had trouble working and sleeping-I was miserable!I know if I follow what Dr. Keezer taught me, I will have a much healthier life and can look forward to growing older without old age pain and retain the ability to lead a productive life. I thank God every day for the “pain in my neck,” because it led me to the doctor and the tools he gave me to have a happier, healthier life.Thank you, Dr. Keezer and your wonderful staff-Jamie."

Marlaine A.

"Dr.Keezer's adjustments, therapy and exercises have strengthened my back and redirected my muscles to do what they were meant to do, support my spine correctly."

Stephen W.

"I was afraid of going to a chiropractor. But after other treatment, my neck didn't feel better....My neck feels better now and I don't have that nagging pain at night anymore."

Sue C.

"I have suffered from a pinched sciatic nerve and arthritis pain for years. Dr. Keezer helped me get back to normal."

Wally L.

"I have already regained 50% of the curve back in my neck with adjustments, the wobble chair, and the cervical traction unit. I have not had the severe pain in my knee since I started getting help, my headaches have eased up and the stress on my back is getting better."

Scott H.

"The pain in my lower back is pretty much completely gone, I can get a good night's rest without waking up with pain."

Julie H.

"I now enjoy better posture and no restrictions on my daily activities. I'm grateful for the care and advice that I've received from Dr. Keezer and happily recommend him to all."

Deryk A.

"I had a headache at the time of that first conversation with Dr. Keezer. Fortunately, that was one of my last headaches. I can honestly say that I can count on one hand the number of headaches I've had in the last 5 months."

Kim A.

"I've been to lots of Chiropractors over the years but I've never been this close to being pain-free and feeling normal. Thank you, Dr. Keezer...I'm very grateful."

Janet L.

"I came here experiencing severe sciatic and hip pain. In the mornings, it would take me from and hour to an hour and a half before I could walk around with tolerable pain. After seeing Dr. Keezer for 6 visits, I now wake up with no pain and am able to move and walk from the start of the day to the finish."

Maggie P.